Is a SCAM? is a cryptocurrency wallet and exchange, trading Bitcoin, Etherium and other crypto.

In recent months, there has been a SIGNIFICANT rise in DESPERATE customers who are unable to access their money and unable to get support.

Out of pocket and out of options, these users are are now questioning, "is blockchain a scam"? horror stories

There have been thousands of negative posts online, claiming that is a scam. Here are a few of the most prolific horror stories.

Group claims they lost $4.5m in Bitcoin held by and issues SCAM warning

Posted by Loyce C on H there, At the moment we are a group of several victims of the company Block chain dot com and we entrusted our funds to Block chain Luxembourg and lost over 400 bitcoins, this amount is worth today about 4.5 million American dollars.We are sure we didn’t do anything…

Reddit user IGNORED by support after losing access to Bitcoin that is stuck “in review”

Posted by u/infinitygirrl on Reddit – does anyone else have problems with the exchange? Hello I’ve held a wallet at since 2013. In that time I’ve tried to have two large cashouts to my UK bank account. Both times they’ve failed due to issues with the exchange. This time has been so bad that I am…

Reddit user unable to access $500,000 in BTC on

From u/spatzax on Reddit The true face of BLOCKCHAIN.COM (500.000$) holds my bitcoins for more than 60 days without giving any reason!I deposited 19 bitcoins and some of my tethers and on There has been no problem so far. I was very satisfied with their service. Then I decided to withdraw my bitcoins…

“BLOCKCHAIN.COM is a flawed site with an admitted exploit and targets scammers worldwide; they know this and refuse to fix it!”

Kenneth G. (Ken) Mages, the Chief Technology Officer at Honey Inc (the coupons company) warns the world about alleged exploits and SCAMMERS.

2000+ 1 star reviews from OUT OF POCKET customers

Concerned customers who cannot access their bitcoin consider whether they have been SCAMMED by

Just What Is Going On at Blockchain.Com?

Jason Deane, a respected Cryptocurrency journalist, tells of his desperate, failed attempts to contact support about lost bitcoin.

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